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Beligas Anavar 10
Ben H. (Buffalo, US)
More great gear !

Alpha always communicates, no surprises and the gear has always been top-notch!
Highly recommend !

Ultima Testosterone Enanthate 400
Bran S. (Goodlettsville, US)
Not a high quality or potent product

This product leaves a large mass at injection site, most likely due to a thicker oil. I don’t feel anymore kick from it than 250 Cypionate. Seems like it takes longer to get results from. That’s my personal experience, yours may vary.

Beligas Deca 300
darren g. (Birmingham, US)
Great results

I loved the product would definitely recommend

Ultima Human Growth Hormones 100iu (HGH)
Bran S. (Goodlettsville, US)
Better results!

At least for me, I have better results with this product than the Rus-Bio product. My vascularity is great thanks to the fat burning aspect of the Ultima HGH. I have already re-ordered this product after trying sveral other brands from AM. This one is the winner for me!


Odin's products are fantastic. This is my first experience using these products and my expectations pertaining to strength have been far exceeded. I am very happy with the quality of the products. I am also very happy with the great costumer service I have received from alpha muscle. Quick delivery, and a honest and caring attitude. I appreciate their business and am glad for what they provide.

Beligas NPP 100
July J. (Aurora, US)
Roid Test results show it is just testosterone, if even that.

I don't blame Alpha, as they just sell the stuff. But I was wondering why after 8 weeks I have seen no changes in anything. Maybe a little faster recovery, but nothign near what NPP should do. The NPP should show up yellow, and four times I tested it and the results where what you see here...brown brown brown. I have another rest coming to quadruple check. You gotta admit they have great packaging, though.

Kinda sucks, as I bought for vials.

Aspen Sustanon 250 x 5 amps
Pi B. (Kilchberg, CH)
Great product

Works well. Results are noticeable within a few weeks

The results are already visible

I got a lot of nice complements already about my physique. My gym motivation goes through the roof. I was a bit afraid of the side effects like a decreased libido, acne, mental side effects, sweating,... but none of them are actually happen. I take this one with testosterone enanthate simply because it's cheap and effective. The stuff is quite real and would strongly recommend to give it a try...

Aspen Sustanon 250 x 5 amps
Zachary H. (Westmoreland, US)
Quality product

It is exactly what you’d think it is , some good ole pharma grade test

Odin Pharma - Dianabol 50
james s. (Denver, US)
Almost there

Gurus did a good job. Selection, delivery, were fine.
Indecisive about the product. It felt deluded, weak or watered down. Results did not quite meet expectations.
I would go with them again but probably select a different product

Ultima Test 400
K.s. (Indianapolis, US)
Awesome product

Just finishing a t400/tren A / primo blast! Gained a very lean 12lbs. Stronger than ever and feel great!

Great products.

Top delivery performance

Incredibly received within two days. Delivery was very quick. Service was amazingly excellent.

Beligas Trenbolone Enanthate 200
Jason D. (Billerica, US)

I have gotten several different oils all came back quick and positive. But the orals didn’t exactly come back I’ll have to test them again will let you know

ONYX-PHARMA SuperBulk 600

ONYX-PHARMA Slow Masteron 150
Alvin N. (Atlanta, US)

ONYX-PHARMA Slow Masteron 150

Beligas Winstrol 20
Ben H. (Staten Island, US)
Solid gear

Great results ! Been with these guys for a while and they do it right.

Beligas Testosterone Enanthate 300
Ben H. (Staten Island, US)
More great gear !

Does everything it is supposed to do. Solid results .

David P. (Covina, US)
Mass 450

It had been great so far.
My appetite hasn’t been on point but the gains are really good so far. I’m on week 3

OB NPP 100
Jae B. (Virginia Beach, US)

Experience good strength gainz at 200 mg a week. A 100 mg every 3 days. Felt the NPP kick in after about two weeks

Beligas Testosterone Enanthate 300
Justin H. (Louisville, US)
Test 300 e

Works 💪 great definitely got my fucking gains this month 450 bench press 💪 fast shipping too.

Ultima CUT MIX 150
David P. (Laguna Niguel, US)
Cut mix 150

This has literally ripped me down to about 12% body fat and I’m still running at 220lbs.
1/2 CC a day

ROHM Tren Enanthate 200
V (Dagenham, GB)
Good quality

Good quality lab

Beligas Deca 300
John D. (Woodland Park, US)

Great communication as well as great product.Recent bloodwork confirms everything as expected.

Beligas NPP 100
S.G. (Aurora, US)
Seemed to work at first, but now feel flat.

I am not sure if the increased testosterone (300mg/Wk), or the Belg. 9200mg/Wk) is to credit for my initial increase in recovery. But after a few weeks and increasing the Belg, I feel little to nothing. It has been 6 weeks now, plenty of time.

However, this is my first cycle on NPP, so maybe I just have no clue what I am doing. But my current (400mg/week) should be plenty to notice a difference.

Any advice would be helpful. I did test the product and it came back legit. I will run the same test with H2O and see if the tests are bogus.

I am by no means suggesting aM is selling bogus product, as that first few weeks I definiitely noticed ny recovery was off the charts.