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Nakon 3-TEST 350
Christopher L.
Amazing again

Just like clock work. My products arrived quickly and were spot on as always. Never fails.

Nakon Trenbolone Enanthate 200
David T. (Taos, US)
Great experience and product

Overall experience was excellent. Fast shipping. Receive tracking number product is good. Going to be ordering again in a couple weeks. Highly recommend these guys.

Ultima Test 400
Paul B. (Burlington, US)
Great service

Good product and the service was great

Thank you for your kind words! We're glad to hear that you had a great experience with our product and service. We appreciate your feedback and hope to continue providing you with excellent service in the future.

Beligas Testosterone Cypionate 200
Josh G. (Scottsdale, US)
Fast service, great product!

Got to me quick, fast response. Feels good, great results and the serial # checks out on beligas website! Will do again

Uni-Pharma T3
S.Ch (Weybridge, GB)
Amazing - T3 Order

Easy to order, Great service, Very responsible for your purchase, Definitely will continue to order from this website
Thank you very much

Beijing Pharma - Primobolan
David V. (Herent, BE)
Results primo/S4 cycle

This one is a must try in my opinion for those who are looking for a physique like a Greek God like the Old School Bodybuilders or the size and shape of Men’s physique. Here are some good reasons to give it a go:
1. No gyno and no side effects even at higher dosages. Which makes it in particular useful for the perfect 3D form of the chest.
2. It’s safe for women. No acne or androgenic side effects.
3. Quality muscle gains. If I quit which I once did I still was able to maintain most of the gains something that isn’t the case if you use only tren for example.
4. If you are prone to acne then this one is a safe choice
5. It’s the perfect choice to build a beach body type of physique in no time

Sure, it’s expensive because the dosages range from 600 to 1000mg/week in males but I did workout every single day at dosages as low as 400mg/week on a budget. Another disadvantage is that it doesn’t boost the libido like winny or in the extreme case like tren so at a very low body fat you probably like to run it with a small dosage of winstrol or in combination with test to gain more size as well.

Should I recommend it? Hell, yeah!

Ryzen Trenbolone Acetate
Aaron (Knoxville, US)

Ryzen makes Great products. Works great. No pip great gains. Typical tren ace sides . Will buy again

Nakon Testosterone Enanthate 400
Travis J. (Baton Rouge, US)
Excellent Product

This is a superb product, purchase with confidence. Alphamuscle products and customer service is the best you’ll find. Period.


Take one under the tongue wait 30 minutes 25 again

Beligas Anavar 50
Stephen A. (Cleveland, US)
Best Product

I have been taking the Oxan for approximately two weeks. Already noticed a difference. Will purchase again

Ben H. (Staten Island, US)
Awesome Gear !

Another great product from a reliable team, it does exactly what it is supposed to do. Very good results !

Sanofi Cialis 20 Mg 4 Tab.
D.h. (Opelousas, US)

Fast delivery,everything worked as expected.

Great first time!

On week 3 of my first cycle I've put on 13 pounds so far, definitely showing increased vascularity strength and feel great! I'm definitely getting better definition and seeing a lot of development in my arms I recommend this brand 100%

Good product

I can definitely tell an extreme difference in the next 24 hours after taking a half tab or whole tab in dryness and emotional state! Certainly high quality product.

Eli lilly humatrope

Great communication, fast delivery, legit product, will alway use

Ultima Test/EQ 400
Ken H. (Columbus, US)

Alphamuscle for the win! Ordering was simple and pain free. Delivery was fast and discreet.

Tamoxifen / Nolvadex
Jason L.F. (Alfreton, GB)
5 star again

Prompt delivery. Payment options much better now. And does what it says on the tin.

Nakon Testosterone Enanthate 250
Christopher L. (Marietta, US)
Totally Legit

I was highly impressed with every aspect of this product and company. The product is extremely high quality, ordering was easy and professional as every step was followed with an email, and delivery times were fast and exact.

Works great

I’ve tried to loose weight over 20 years
6 months down 30 pounds product works great . Alpha is the best

Beligas HP Sustanon 500
BJC (New York, US)

Definitely the best Sus500 I’ve had will be ordering again and multiples…

Ultima Testosterone Enanthate 250
George B. (San Diego, US)

One of my fave products. Alpha muscle does not disappoint!

Good Quality

Easy process overall. Everything is what they advertise. Shipping takes some time though. Average on 2 to 3 weeks on domestic orders.

Ultima Cut Long 300
N.C. (Bossier City, US)
Not the same

7 weeks into my cycle decided to go to the Dr get my levels checked!!
Last year running the same product my test levels 1,300..
7 weeks into my cycle test levels 445
Big difference time to up dose are run a different cycle never had this problem with this brand ..

MSD HCG Pregnyl 5000iu
MC v.W. (Amsterdam, NL)
always good

always good stuff, never disappointed, received in Netherlands

HEMI PHARMA Mass Mix 500
Jay B. (Depue, US)
Mass mix 500

Fastest shipping ever mass mix works better then expected. Will order from them soon.