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Nakon Anavar 50
Theparanoidone (Reading, US)
Nakon seems to be the real deal.....Very Pleased!

My first time ordering from AM, payment options were presented quickly and shipping was fast and discreet. My package arrived in a few days. This is my very first cycle of any steroid, I am 50 and weigh 215 lb, down from 225 lb and was prescribed Ozempic 0.5 from my doctor as well. Combined with a low-fat, low-carb diet.

Nakon seems to be a good manufacturer, and I noticed positive results about a week into my Anavar cycle, I could work out longer and I didn't tire out or sweat as quickly as I used to. After a few weeks noticed some mild muscle gains and I started to firm up, lose body fat, and tone up a bit. Alas, I didn't work out as much as I would have liked to, but did moderate exercise most days, still got decent results.

I will stack Anavar with Winstrol next cycle, going into the fall and winter months I will have more time to spend at the gym. AM will be my trusted online source for the foreseeable future.

Thanks guys.....For all you do!

exactly what we ordered and it's working great.

We have ordered twice from Alpha Muscle and both times have been flawless. We received the liraglutide in brand name packaging and so far it's been very effective.

Nakon Testosterone Propionate
Neil M. (State College, US)
Happy so far

Customer service is good product is good but we'll find out if their for real when I get my next order

Tirzepatide 5 mg (Mounjaro)
Travis M. (Dallas, US)

Great folks to deal with will buy again

Beligas Tren-Test-Mast Short Blend 150
SHOUROV K. (Brisbane, AU)
Really painful PIP

I was trying to inject it on my delt I had to immediately stop because it was burning inside my skin. I ended up injecting it on my glute it went well but post injection pain is really awful. I think it’s mainly due to testosterone propionate.


works great very little sides AAA as always

Beligas SUSTANON 400
Daniel B. (York Village, US)

Terrible charlie horse each thigh each lasted 5 days.... switched to rear ... No charlie horse, definitely more tolerable but base ball sized swelling. My friend has had good reviews of Beligas... Wasn't good for me... Could be the oil they use or switching from 300 to 400 .,. Not sure ... Like I said my friend has no problem . Just not for me.. 😔

Roche Diazepam 10mg x 40 tabs
John s. (Edison, US)

Worth the money

Beligas Testosterone Enanthate 300
Bracken (Yucaipa, US)

fast delivery

Ultima Stan 25
Ben H. (Brooklyn, US)
More great gear !

Always reliable and great results !

Fast and effective

Semaglutide. Fast delivery. Effective product . Working my way up to 2.4 mg dosage.

Elbrus Dianabol 10
Marc S. (Paris, FR)

Elbrus Dianabol 10

Cygnus - Testosterone Enanthate 300
Mario C. (Hechingen, DE)
Not for me

Always when I take it, I feel ill for two or more days. The injection place is hot and inflamed. With other brands I dont`have this problems.

Works great

Tried a few but this one really works well. After 3 months it's burned all my fat. Given me the results a 50 year old could have never imagined. Very impressive product.

Nakon 3-TEST 350
Adam C. (Bakersfield, US)
Good test/swollen shit spot

The effect of the 3 Esther blend is effective and well balanced, my only complaint was I got pretty extreme swelling and soreness after probably 80% of the injections all in various sites and with different guage syringes.


Extreme nausea; which in turn, caused me to eat very, very little. I take several of your products, so I rarely weigh myself. But I certainly saw significant fat loss, and I am very happy to say that I am beach body ready, for the very first time, before Memorial Day

Rhino (Chesapeake, US)
Legit , no questions

Felt funny at first ordering from site , I’ve ordered from them before and same quality and care ,they pretty quick too faster than e.ta.

ROHM Sustanon 250
Oliver L. (Hengoed, GB)
Rhom sus

Doing what it should

Accutane 20mg
Umar S.
Good quality

Genuine product as described.

Pills are a little brittle when you pop them out of packaging but happy with results

Great product crazy sweats

Nakon Testosterone Cypionate 250
Dan C. (Swarthmore, US)
Nakon Test Cyponate

Good product. I've been on test cyp for about 3 months now. I've tried a few different brands. They all seem to be of similar quality based on my gains.

Ultima SUSTANON 500
BJC (New York, US)

Ultima Labs continues to impress…

Sus 500 💥 🤯 💪

HUCOG HCG Pregnyl 5000iu (Pre-mixed)
Steven R. (Anchorage, US)
Awesome product!!

Works as it should. No PIP like I’ve experienced with non pharmaceutical HCG. My boys hang lower, and I can ejaculate more frequently and larger volume. Fast, discreet shipping, will purchase again

Ultima TREN ACE 100
joseph a.d. (Staten Island, US)

Meh at best