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Beligas Testosterone Cypionate 200
Adam P. (Pompano Beach, US)
Great Service

Allways delivers great product. This time there was a problem w delivering and they sent me an extra bottle for free! Great way to make your loyal customers feel even better about sticking with AM

Alphamuscle is a great resource for products to benefit a workout life style. Everything I've purchased has been backed up by blood work. Great Customer service and the easy ordering process is the makes it all worthwhile.

Intex Pharma MENT E 100
James w. (Hackney, GB)
Wrong product sent!!

Hi ordered ment E they sent ment A. Was promised a reshoot 4 weeks ago nothing arrived don’t bother with this company. Will be putting up an eroid review shortly.

Beligas SUSTANON 250
BR C. (Columbia, US)
good buy

mild hard lump after the pin but it goes away, blood work looks ok about a month in, seeing good performance, faster than expected shipping


After 2 weeks at 50mg/ day splits in two taken of 25mg/each good increase of strength, no water retention at all

Alpha Muscle is the Alpha

Been 5 months down 40+ at 60. Been using Alpha for years and they always deliver. Great product that works and beat source and price for real test. Bar none.

Nakon Anavar 50
Wahied A. (Bakersfield, US)
Great product and great prices

I always buy from here. Just about to place another otder YouTube video placeholder
Cygnus - Testosterone Enanthate 300
Anonymous (Kassel, DE)
In Ordnung!

Schnelle Lieferung, gute Wirkung, sehr gute Verträglichkeit.

Organanon Deca-Durabolin
Colin R. (Edinburgh, GB)

Having used this product several times I can honestly say it delivers.It’s an exceptional product. As are alphamuscle. They have been my go to supplier for many years & have never let me down with deliveries or the quality of their products.

Great Test

Great test can’t say enough about this vendor. Number one go to, been using them for years top-notch products.

Chris P. (Vicksburg, US)

I have tried this a few different times. Super helpful for catching up eyesight after sleeping & sleep. Generally well taken after a nice 10 mile run. Thanks Alpha, great Sports-Med.

Did not cause pip

I did not have any problems with pip , I’m still on cycle got decent gains to not be stacking.

Ultima Dianabol 50
Ytown82 (Youngstown, US)

Alpha muscle is a great reliable company with legit gear. Nothing more needs said

Nakon Anavar 50
Ever L. (Mexico City, MX)

Very happy. First time I order from the site.
All previous sites I ordered from were scams. Not here.
I received the order within two weeks


Need assistance getting the rest you need to grow? Hyplon sonata to the rescue. Works great, caution! It does cause me to have intense dreams.

Liba Testogel 50 mg 30 sachets
Ken H. (Milwaukee, US)
Alphamuscle is legit!

Testogel is a quick easy way to raise your test.

Beligas Clenbuterol 40mcg
Bran S. (Goodlettsville, US)
Just right

For me this is good for cutting. Take one instead of a pre-workout drink before hitting the gym. Don’t take late in the day. You won’t sleep at night. At least that was my experience.

Ultima TRI-TREN 150
Bran S. (Goodlettsville, US)
Good but wish it was stronger

Great idea but needs to be more potent.

Beligas Testosterone Enanthate 300
Michael G. (Miami, US)

Quick delivery 👍🏻

Beligas SUSTANON 400
M.R. (Kailua-Kona, US)

Post Injection Pain was terrible on this stuff. It use to be my goto for over a year. They must of changed something because last two batches I tried of this caused long term pain in injection area. Switched to other offerings on this site and no issues.

Nakon Testosterone Cypionate 250
Thomas R. (Jacksonville, US)
The Brst

Always reliable. Always dependable quality. Trustworthy customer service.

Anfarm Clomid
Colin R.

Just received the product. Given it’s a post cycle product. It will be several months before I use.
But as always the service is amazing sniping the goods out.
Thanks Colin

Nakon 3-TEST 350
Christopher L.
Amazing again

Just like clock work. My products arrived quickly and were spot on as always. Never fails.

Nakon Trenbolone Enanthate 200
David T. (Taos, US)
Great experience and product

Overall experience was excellent. Fast shipping. Receive tracking number product is good. Going to be ordering again in a couple weeks. Highly recommend these guys.

Ultima Test 400
Paul B. (Burlington, US)
Great service

Good product and the service was great

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