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Good quality product recommend!

Quality product

Quality product

Professional service

Alpha is always reliable and the stuff is genuine. Never had any drama. Thanks guys

Test Enanthate Eifelfango

Pharmacy grade product.
Very effective

Good service

Efficient and friendly. Recommended

Too much pain

I’ve previously used Cenzo to good effect but on this occasion there was a lot of post injection pain and muscle soreness. Have had to revert to using a different brand for now.


My order arrived in a very short period of time, in discreet, protective packaging, and the product has performed well. I have come to expect consistently high quality products from Alpha Muscle.


This is a great product as long as it's the genuine product and alphamuscle has, once again, come through with authentic quality product!

Real Deal

Arrived faster than expected. Legit product.


Good product

Namdrolone 250

Very good product

Awesome product

Once again they provide the best gear anywhere.

Great Gear !

Never disappointed with these guys. 100% A+ and they always respond to emails.

very pleased

Great service .. great quality products will buy again

Genuine products

Totally trustworthy with regards to quality of products, and I have used a large range myself and will continue to do so.

Top quality product

Customer service was great. Fast shipping and Quality product. Great results. Couldnt be happier will be ordering again shorty.

Odin Pharma Test E

Excellent testosterone. No pip what so ever. Draws smooth l, libido is up Im on TRT but Taking Odin instead of my test from Dr. Its as if I never changed. Only taking 500mg each week and I see more changes in the mirror on a daily. I recommended using if your going domestic (USA).


What you expect delivered. Customer service was top notch


Fast delivery. Worked as expected.

Muscle Receptor Retention

This is a great muscle retention receptor. It should be made in Rx-magazines and Muscle fitness in the back of the Rx-Menu. ###use in need of better understanding, quality, chill

High quality pharma grade product.

Best seller good produkts.

Good service. Using AM from years best quality products, always on time good deals at the moment. Genotropin working well, good quality product easy to use. Thanks AM


I have been prescribed Ambien in the past. Quality script with a lit to give in the morning. I recommend it, just don't stop making sex cause you start taking it. Both are great for you (1,2) ***in pairs.

So far so good........

Firstly, you can never beat the first class customer service from Alpha. Second, im not a bodybuilder but someone who uses test cyp as a testosterone replacement therapy after having a blood test to verify very low natural levels of testosterone. The good old NHS offered me treatment but only to get me just into what they considered normal range for my age. Thats total crap.The range is so large that being at the bottom of the range is no good so i read up and decided to treat myselsf with 400mg to 600mg per week of test cyp. I choose cyp because of the long half life and this gives me much more stability in my test levels over the week. The Cenzo Cyp seems great. High energy levels for sure and libido is good. Also, with this brand, i get absolutely no PIP (Post injection pain) so im happy. I will order this again but would be great if they lowered the price a little.