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Arimidex (Anastrozole)

30 x 1mg tablets

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Alex H. (United States)
Arimidex!!!!!!! worked perfectly

##im on test entahat 250mg once a week. Dbol 50 a day. split....... at the start of week 4 i had mood swings still from the dbol. and hard nipples, for about 2 days. then i started. the Armidex. .25 mg every other day.

by day 2, my nipples we normal male nips. and i started to lose the little water weight from the dbol. after 10 days of .25 mg Armidex every other day. my BMI is 22.5 and body fat 8.9 %........... so im getting dry gains now basicly.

*i did lose a LITTLE of the BUFF BAGWELL EGO, and strut... fuck i liked that feeling #tho the Dbol does kinda lose that around week5

I am running all Aslan. seems like high quailty. not quite Pharmacy grade. but also not Chinese. Clean as all fuck. only a few acnes. zero back ACNE.
I would recommend Aslan. on Par with say Balkan.
# what i love about Aslans orals are. they are small presses. easy enough to cut with razor. ****** no added color dyes. that alone will keep me HOOKED on these guys.

at the start of week 5. i am up 15 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!