DSIP (Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide) – 5MG x 10 Vials



10 vial x 5 mg



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clinical Test Expectation DSIP – Human Subjects : Help induce better sleep. Relieves emotional and psychological responses to stress
Strength – 5MG per vial

The DSIP or the Delta sleep-inducing Peptide is a somnogeneric nonapeptide that impacts the neuromodulation. It is typically found in the brain and passes by the blood barriers quite quickly. Studies have shown that DSIP and as well as its analogs are classified as peptide neuromodulators. Studies have also shown that DSIP has exhibited a stress-protective action that helps decrease stress metabolic disorders for humans and animals.

It is believed that the Delta Sleep-Inducing Peptide works in such a way that it modulates the activity of GABAergic gluta and other neuronal systems too.

DSIP in summary :

  • Help induce better sleep
  • And relieve emotional and psychological responses to stress

Although, it is not recommended to give out DSIP just before going to bed. The dose should be given during the day to help improve sleep the next night and as well as several days to come.

But you must remember that DSIP only works for short-term benefits and not for long-term management for insomnia.

How long will a vial last ?
A vial should last 10-20 days.