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Testosterone Enanthate

10ml Vial x 250mg/ml




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Steve E. (United States)
New Start

Have not took hormones for several years, wanted to get back into it. Great products great company to deal with. Found new supplier

James K. (United States)
Odin Pharma Test E

Excellent testosterone. No pip what so ever. Draws smooth l, libido is up Im on TRT but Taking Odin instead of my test from Dr. Its as if I never changed. Only taking 500mg each week and I see more changes in the mirror on a daily. I recommended using if your going domestic (USA).

Jesse G. (United States)
Good product but may be a blend.

I have been taking Odin Test E for a few weeks now and the results are better than expected.
With that said, I believe their may be some Tren blended in with this product.
I have leaned out nicely, my libido is up, as to be expected.
The other side effects are slight increase in aggression, Night Sweats, and only sleeping for a few hours at a time.
I took a Tren blend on my last cycle and this is almost the same.... It works, but might not be 100% Test only