TOPOMAX 25 MG (Topiramate)






Dosage: 25mg

Pack: 60 x tabs

Pharma Grade





Topamax is prescribed to treat epilepsy and migraines, but the drug is also well known for causing weight loss.

TOPAMAX belongs to a group of medicines known as antiepileptics. TOPAMAX is used for the treatment of various types of seizures in adults. It can also be used for the prevention of migraines in adults. TOPAMAX is not used to treat severe migraines that come on suddenly (acute). It prevents seizures and migraines by acting on the nerves and chemicals in the brain.

Topamax causes weight loss because it affects the appetite. People who take it and have a reduced appetite may feel hungry less often and eat less because of this. Studies have shown that Topamax may also speed up metabolism, which means the body would digest food quicker than normal.
Topamax’s weight loss side effect has resulted in its off-label use to treat binge eating disorders in adults, and the dosing for this indication does not differ greatly in comparison to other approved indications, ranging from 25mg per day to a maximum of 400mg per day. If used off-label for weight loss, the dose will likely begin low at 25mg to 50mg once daily and increase slowly over weeks until a benefit of weight loss is noted – balancing this desirable side effect with those which are less desirable. The dose of topiramate for the indication of weight loss is unlikely to exceed 200 mg per day, as clinical trials have not demonstrated additional benefit in per cent body weight lost beyond this dose. An extended-release formulation of topiramate co-formulated with phentermine is available as a product called Qsymia, which is indicated for chronic weight management. The dose of topiramate in this co-formulated product ranges from 23 mg once daily to a maximum of 96 mg once daily.