Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

“Expressly Reserving All Liberties.”

The following terms and conditions, along with all other terms and legal notices located on www.alphamuscle.is govern your use of www.alphamuscle.is (the “Website”). If you do not understand and agree to be bound by all Terms, do not use this Website. Your use of this Website at any time constitutes a binding agreement by you to abide by these Terms.
This site is international and has international visitors and what may be legal in one country may not be legal in another, however, any information garnered from this site does not imply or suggest human or any use at all. My replies DO NOT imply human use and of course, do not do anything illegal with anything in this website.
Notice of Confidentiality –
All written text, files or attachments transmitted between this site and its visitors are CONFIDENTIAL, Not For Public Use and intended only for the addressee(s) only. Both email messages and any attachments have been transmitted based on a reasonable expectation of privacy. Any disclosure, distribution, copying, or use of this information by anyone other than the intended recipient, regardless of address or routing, is strictly prohibited. If you are not the named addressee, you must not use, disclose, disseminate, distribute, copy, print or reply to this email. Access to documents by any other person or entity is unauthorized. Any action contrary to the intent of this NOTICE confirms that you accept liability for a minimum £5,000,000.00 civil penalty. 

Your representation –
You represent that you are not a minor and that you are not under any legal or other disability which limits your ability to comply with these Terms or to install and use the products you purchase with minimal risk of harm to you or others. You further represent that you are not purchasing the products for resale to others and will not do so without prior written consent. 
The User confirms to alphamuscle.is (hereinafter “The Providers”) that:
• The pharmaceutical(s) ordered by the user were prescribed by a duly qualified medical practitioner in the place of residence of the user after a personal examination by the prescribing physician necessitating the need for the ordered product(s) for the user’s specific diagnosed medical condition.
• The user has lawfully obtained the prescription from duly qualified medical practitioner and that the medication will be used only as directed and only by the person for whom the medications were prescribed and that the duty of care is the responsibility of the user’s doctor.
• No person other than the user will use the ordered product. 
• The user releases and discharges the providers, and all of their officers and directors, agents, and employees from any and all liability, claims or causes of action with respect of the use or application of the ordered product by the User, including, but not limited to undesired side effects.
• The user agrees that child protective packaging may not be used by the providers, unless requested by the user, and the User releases and discharges the providers and all of their officers and directors, agents and employees from any and all causes of action with respect errors or omissions by the company or agency responsible for transporting the ordered product to the user.
• It is his or her (the user’s) responsibility to have their own physician conduct regular physical examination, including any and all suggested testing by their own physician to ensure that he or she has no medical problems which would constitute a contradiction to her/him taking medications prescribed by his or her own physician.
• The user shall follow the recommended/suggested dosage stated on all product labels. We do not approve nor recommend taking more than what is stated on all manufacturers’ product labelling. If the user does so, he agrees that he is performing this action at his own free will without the consent of the product manufacturer or any employee employed by www.alphamuscle.is.
• The user agrees that should he or she suffer any adverse effects while taking any prescription medication that he or she will immediately contact his or her own physician and that in the event that he or she come under the care of another physician, he or she will inform the new physician of any medications that the user has been taking.
• The user acknowledges that the ordered product may not be returned for a refund or an exchange.
• In purchasing these products, the customer acknowledges that there are hazards associated with their use. Customer represents and warrants to us that from customer’s own independent review and study they are fully aware and knowledgeable
• To contact alphamuscle.is in the event of any issue prior to posting any reviews.
• That alphamuscle.is is in NO way affiliated to any other website or entity with the term alphamuscle.

“All rights are reserved.”

Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal, Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent