EMLA Cream 5% Fast-Acting Numbing Cream for premature ejaculation and injections (5 x Pack)



Emla Cream 5%


5 x  5g Cream


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What is Emla 5% Cream?

Emla Cream is a topical local anaesthetic used for a number of purposes and procedures. Emla cream contains the active ingredients lignocaine and prilocaine, both of which are numbing agents.

How does Emla 5% Cream work?

As numbing medications, the active ingredients in Emla Cream work by altering the way signals are conducted in neurons. Usually, the nerves on your skin will send signals to your brain when they’re touched. This is how we experience pain.

When Emla Cream is applied, the process that allows these signals to be sent becomes blocked – reducing or stopping the pain from being felt during various medical or cosmetic procedures.

What is Emla 5% Cream used for?

The treatment is used to numb the skin for a variety of purposes and procedures, both in medical environments and other settings. Generally speaking, most people who use Emla Cream do so to help feel more comfortable when getting injections, vaccinations and other medical procedures involving needles or canulas.

How to use EMLA cream for Premature Ejaculation

EMLA numbing cream needs to be applied 15 to 20 minutes before sex as a treatment for premature ejaculation. You should leave the cream to soak in for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash it off completely before having sex. EMLA is for use on intact skin only, and it should not be applied to grazes, wounds or over a rash.

Please note that delaying premature ejaculation is an ‘off-label’ use of EMLA.


How long does Emla Cream take to work?

The cream works quite quickly. It should start to numb the affected area in around 30-60 minutes. The more you use it, the more it numbs the area.

How long does Emla Cream last?

The numbing effect of Emla Cream usually lasts at least two hours. It can be left on the skin for up to five hours. The longer it is left, the longer the numbing effect will last.