GYNOMAX® XL Vaginal Ovul



3 x ovule

  • 100 miligrams of Lidocaine,
  • 200 miligrams of Thioconazole,
  • 300 miligrams Tinidazol


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ETA 3-5 days

Gynomax XL Vaginal Ovule is an effective medication for the local treatment of various vaginal infections caused by sensitive micro-organisms. Its composition, backed by clinical trials, proves its safety and efficacy.

Gynomax XL Ovule is composed of Metronidazole (250mg), Neomycin sulfate (100mg), Nystatin (100 000 I.U), and Hydrocortisone acetate (5mg). The recommended dosage for adults is 1 ovule deep down into the vagina at night before sleeping for 10 days. It is important to continue the treatment even during menstruation.